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Trip: FIFA World Cup Germany

There are [2] stories from my trip: FIFA World Cup Germany

About the payphones in Czech Republic

MEXICO | Wednesday, 25 Apr 2012 | Views [623]

So here's a tip about the payphones in Prague... do not use them. Apparently it would only provoke laughs. Or that's what happened when I happily went to a coin phone in the street trying to reach my new friends at their hostel: I read the instructions, ... Read more >

Tags: coin phones, czech republic, payphones, phone calls, prague, prepaid calling card, steff daza

Remember summer of 2006?

MEXICO | Tuesday, 24 Apr 2012 | Views [560]

At first I didn’t want to believe what he said. “Really? A forest fire?” That was just beyond bad luck, it was a mythological curse! I looked outside the train, and into the barren station in Marburg…   The year ... Read more >

Tags: chocolate ice cream, fifa world cup, football, friendship, germany, redemption, steff daza, train