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My Scholarship entry - Workers, monks and children in Cambodia

Cambodia | Saturday, 22 November 2014 | 3 photos

My love with photography started in 2004, when I purchased my first digital camera. In 2008 I won the second prize in Museum Nights competition in Belgrade, Serbia, and I am very proud of it. I was the only amateur photographer among the top three winners, and the only one who took their photo with point-and-shoot camera.

I used to shoot architecture a lot and was in love with composition and colors. Now, my main interest when I take photos are people and nature. I like to capture unusual, humorous, innocent and character and culture-specific situations.

I like to travel because I like to learn about the world. I am particularly drawn to Southeast Asia. I like to spend time in nature. I am empathetic, compassionate, love and passion-driven, people-oriented and versatile.

Why should I be chosen? Because I like to learn and because I want to learn! Because I feel I can do much more with my camera than I already can, and I would like to learn how!

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