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Camping in Nightcap National Park

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 19 June 2007 | Views [9884] | Comments [3]

Check out how big this thing is compared to Kevin's armspan!

Check out how big this thing is compared to Kevin's armspan!

Along the east coast of Australia, you can’t help but bounce back and forth from the beautiful and dramatic sea to the stunning hinterland of forests and mountains. After Port Macquarie, it was time to hit the woods for a good old fashioned camping trip.

Driving through Nightcap National Park I dodged what I thought was a big piece of tire in the road. As we passed I realized it was a GIGANTIC snake! We pulled over and got a closer look. The thing was so massive, it was awesome. We were worried it’d get hit by a car, but weren’t going to take our chances trying to move it, no matter how many people on nature shows we’ve seen do it on the Discovery Channel. Kevin remarked that it’s gotten this far in life, it’ll probably deliver itself to safety. Let’s hope so!

During the day, we hiked through the rainforest (where we got a little lost) through a mess of palms, vines, ferns, cedars conquered by moss, and enormously tall eucalyptus trees. It was a fantastic way to exercise and soak it all in. And at night the Southern Cross and Milky Way were absolutely dazzling! I can’t wait until we’re in the middle of the Outback where the night sky will stretch from horizon to horizon. Sitting by the fire one night we heard some scurrying around. Kevin shined the flashlight and there was a mystery creature right next to his head staring directly back at us! We kept watching him and he didn’t appear to care about being noticed. He slowly cruised around our entire campsite and eventually made his exit by climbing high up a tree. It wasn’t the craziest of animals to see, but at least it was a close encounter. And we still have no idea exactly what it was.

So after the park, where to? Back to the coast of course.

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Hi Guys, your mystery animal would most likely be a possum, which are cute, inquisitive, have little fear & are quite adept at stealing your food.We had 3 of them keeping us awake for most of one night while we had the van. http://journals.worldnomads.com/stowaway/gallery/1715/38308.aspx Btw, seeing that Australia has 14 out of the worlds 15 most poisonous snakes, it's probably best not to try & pick any unidentified snakes up to help them across the road... http://arachnophiliac.info/burrow/tenmostvenomous.htm

  stowaway Jun 20, 2007 4:41 PM


Yeah, we thought he might have been a possum, but we looked for a picture online and none of them looked like what we saw. But there's not much else he could have been, so you're probably right. Brave little guys, aren't they?

Oh, don't worry about us, we'd never actually do something so stupid as to pick up an unidentified snake, for any reason! Looked like a constrictor of some kind, hence me actually appearing in the photo...

  Bigtripblog Jun 20, 2007 4:49 PM


Thanks for adding the snake link. We'll keep an eye out for those!

  BigTripBlog Jun 21, 2007 9:32 AM

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