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Egypt | Monday, 24 November 2014 | flickr photos

My name is Yasmin Ouf , I am an Egyptian that originally lived in Saudi Arabia for 17 years , before I decided to move back home by myself to pursue my undergraduate studies in psychology and mass communication. In these 3 years I've grown immensely , I've seen a whole new side of the world and through this journey my passion for photography has always been with me . Photography is not just a pretty picture , it's a lot more than that , its a story and that is my goal whenever I take a photo , to capture a story , moments, and most importantly to capture the under appreciated every day beauty that constantly surrounds us . I'd like to use photography to encourage people to look up from their phones and computers , and appreciate everything around them. And this is why I should be chosen , I strive to constantly develop myself and strive to capture moments , for me this once in a lifetime opportunity could be the beginning of a life-long journey of pursuing my passion as a photographer professionally , to travel the world and capture its hidden beauties , to expose them to people and inspire the world.

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