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Balloon and String

My Scholarship entry - The Proposal - his answer was "no"

Worldwide | Monday, 24 November 2014 | flickr photos

Wanderlust is not new to me. Heading off to explore is an adventure that I intend to have over and over in my life. I am a visual artist/photographer with a giant mortgage that allows me to surround myself with creative minds and dodgeball players. Four years ago, on the dodgeball courts, I met my bigger half. We competitively threw balls at each other's faces and fell in love. He became the string to my balloon, because more often than not, I've floated off to make something. No matter where I was, he was my home base. Last October, I lit up a lake, busted out a guitar and rapped about how we should be together forever. When the gesture was all over, he denied my skillz to pay the billz. I was devastated. He then suggested that we travel the world so that he could find himself and give me a better answer. It was the most inspiring trip of my life, because it was the start, or the end, I wasn't sure. It taught me how to live each fleeting moment and actually look to capture what I might not see with the same eyes again. Photography is something I am passionate about. This mentorship would help me find direction and further teach me how to see the ephemeral nature of our world.

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