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Travel Insurance Claims - True Stories Just some of the weird and wonderful things that happen to World Nomads travellers while on the road

Trip: It happened to me

There are [114] stories from my trip: It happened to me

Shark Attack!

INDONESIA | Friday, 25 Nov 2011 | Views [12851] | Comments [1]

Whilst surfing in Bali, Indonesia I was attacked by a two metre Bull Shark . The shark grabbed my arm whilst I was paddling, however luckily it didn't hold on and I was able to pull my arm free. A nearby surfer responded to my cries for help and bravely ... Read more >

Tags: bali, medical expenses, repatriation, shark

Terrible news

CANADA | Tuesday, 1 Mar 2011 | Views [1836]

I was travelling in Canada with my fiancée and two days in our trip, I received the terrible news of the loss of my dear mother. We had to return to Greece ASAP and that meant a whole lot of arrangements and a great deal of money amidst the ... Read more >

Tags: canada, compassionate visit, trip interruption

Tooth Trauma

SOUTH AFRICA | Wednesday, 10 Mar 2010 | Views [2911]

I was walking on the side of the road in Cape Town, South Africa and I tripped and lost my footing and landed on my face. I immediately went to the Emergency Room and saw a doctor. However, a week after the incident, my face was still incredibly swollen ... Read more >

Tags: injury, pain, root canal, south africa, tooth

Kidney Stones in Santiago

CHILE | Tuesday, 9 Mar 2010 | Views [3381]

While I was in Santiago I had severe abdominal pains that lasted for several agonizing hours. Unable to walk unaided, I was advised by the emergency services to take a taxi back to Vina del Mar and visit a doctor as soon as possible. After two days ... Read more >

Tags: chile, kidney stones, santiago, true claims

Life Flight

CHILE | Monday, 8 Mar 2010 | Views [1997]

While on a hiking expedition trip in Patagonia I suffered overexposure to the elements. The windburn and an extremely high fever became life threatening and I had to be rescued by a helicopter, abandon the trek and be taken to the hospital for treatment.... Read more >

Tags: elements, fever, helicopter, patagonia

Mugged in Mexico

MEXICO | Friday, 5 Mar 2010 | Views [2625]

While driving my van through Acapulco, Mexico I pulled over to the side of the road to have a rest. Three men approached the van while I was stopped. They flung the door open, and restrained me while they scoured the van for anything of value. After ... Read more >

Tags: campervan, mexico, mugging, theft

A little too much sun

CANADA | Thursday, 4 Mar 2010 | Views [4097]

Before the four hour sea kayaking tour in Canada I applied SPF 50 sunscreen to protect me from the sun. After the tour I noticed that I had been sunburnt on my face and legs which had been exposed the entire time. Within two days the burns had become ... Read more >

Tags: blisters, canada, sun safety, sunburn

Hold on Tight!

VIETNAM | Wednesday, 3 Mar 2010 | Views [2753]

On our trip in Vietnam, we rented scooter taxis to take us to Monkey Island. The road was very winding and on our return trip a sharp turn caused me to fall off the back of the scooter and slide a few meters across the gravel road. I was stopped by ... Read more >

Tags: accident, broken leg, emergency, motorbike, vietnam


VANUATU | Tuesday, 2 Mar 2010 | Views [2967]

We had been planning a trip to Vanuatu for months. However, a few weeks before departing on our journey, I found out that I was pregnant. The doctor advised against any travel vaccinations and ant malarial medication – both essential for the trip. ... Read more >

Tags: cancellation, pregnancy, vanuatu

Watch Out Below

COLOMBIA | Monday, 1 Mar 2010 | Views [2624]

I was trekking in Tayrona National Park in Colombia. I was waiting at the bottom of a narrow path for another trekker to descend before going up. As he was coming down, the man slipped, grabbing a tree to keep him from falling. When he grabbed the ... Read more >

Tags: colombia, concussion, nature, stitches, trekking

Up in Smoke

INDONESIA | Friday, 26 Feb 2010 | Views [2665]

Vacationing in Indonesia, our beach bungalow burnt down in a fire due to an electrical surge. Luckily, I was out for the day and had a daypack with me that contained my passport and credit cards, but I did lose the entire contents of my backpack in ... Read more >

Tags: fire, indonesia, smoke

Shark's Snack

ECUADOR | Thursday, 25 Feb 2010 | Views [1993]

I was in Tortuga Bay in the Galapagos Islands. While out surfing, I was bitten by a shark. I was able to walk to the nearby medical center where I got ten stitches to close the wound and a course of antibiotics. How WN Helped They paid for the treatment ... Read more >

Tags: bite, galapagos, shark, stitches

Hijacked Taxi

BOLIVIA | Wednesday, 24 Feb 2010 | Views [3870]

My friend and I were taking a taxi back to our hostel in La Paz, Bolivia after dinner one night. After a short while in the taxi, I had the feeling that we were heading in the wrong direction and sure enough, two minutes later the taxi pulled down ... Read more >

Tags: bolivia, hijacking, rape, taxi, theft, true claims

Tumor Treatment

ITALY | Tuesday, 23 Feb 2010 | Views [2044]

I had a growth appear on my nose very rapidly while I was in Italy. I went to see a doctor who diagnosed it as an infection.  He proceeded to anesthetize the area, clean out the growth, bandaged it up and sent me away with antibiotics. When I returned ... Read more >

Tags: growth, italy, nose, true claims, tumor

Rock the Boat

BRAZIL | Monday, 22 Feb 2010 | Views [2384]

I was in Brazil, on a passenger boat from Manaus to Porto Velho, a journey that takes four days and three nights. Everyone sleeps on hammocks on one deck of the boat. During the second night, my camera was stolen - from my padlocked bag buried in my ... Read more >

Tags: boat, brazil, camera, porto velho, robbery, theft, true claims, world nomads

Two Backpackers, One Guatemalan Hospital Visit

WORLDWIDE | Friday, 19 Feb 2010 | Views [1983] | Comments [1] | Video

Aracely of Two Backpackers started feeling ill with a fever while we were visiting Rio Dulce, Guatemala. Rio Dulce is not the most developed city, so she tried to wait out her illness, hoping it was a short-term bug. After four days of sweating ... Read more >

Tags: antibiotics, claims, fever, guatemala, medical, safety, travel

Curbside Robbery

ARGENTINA | Friday, 19 Feb 2010 | Views [1773]

Whilst walking home in Buenos Aires after dinner with my friends for the evening, I was approached from the side/back by someone. I woke up face down on the pavement feeling rather disorientated with a hefty mark on my face, a noticeable ache in my ... Read more >

Tags: buenos aires, police, robbery, theft, true claims, world nomads

Hat Trick

AUSTRALIA | Thursday, 18 Feb 2010 | Views [1429]

I was cycling downhill in Mullaloo, Australia and I was momentarily distracted when the wind lifted my hat. Losing control of the bicycle I fell off. I was barely conscious when some passersby called an ambulance to take me to the hospital. I had cuts ... Read more >

Tags: australia, biking, bruises, cycling, teeth, true claims

Man Pain

THAILAND | Wednesday, 17 Feb 2010 | Views [2540]

My glands swelled up while I was in Thailand making it painful to eat. I went to the hospital was prescribed tablets of Amoxicilin for the swelling. After a few days the swelling in my face was getting better but it had spread down to my testicles.... Read more >

Tags: glands, infertility, intestinal health, pain, testis, true claims

Dengue Drama

WORLDWIDE | Tuesday, 16 Feb 2010 | Views [1743]

I had a headache that for several days was becoming worse and worse. It began to be accompanied by body aches, which also worsened. When I woke up in the morning the pain was so intense that I had bouts of nausea and had difficulty seeing and even ... Read more >

Tags: chills, dengue fever, headache, true claims, viral infection

“The Bends”

INDONESIA | Monday, 15 Feb 2010 | Views [2245]

I went diving with instructors at manta dive on Gili Trawangan in Bali and the next morning I awoke to find my body had developed a rash (which was later diagnosed as a symptom of skin bends). After speaking to a dive specialist at the diver alert ... Read more >

Tags: bali, diving, hyperbaric chamber, rash, scuba diving, the bends, true claims

House Fire

CHILE | Friday, 12 Feb 2010 | Views [1689]

While in Pucon, Chile our tour group was staying in a rented house. One morning while getting ready to go skydiving a man came into the house frantically urging us in Spanish to leave the house immediately because there was a fire next door. We quickly ... Read more >

Tags: camera, chile, emergency, fire, skydive, true claims

Road Block

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 10 Feb 2010 | Views [1591]

I was on the Oz Experience bus, preparing to go from Byron Bay to Sydney. The driver informed us that a recent cyclone had flooded all of the roads that headed south and that we would have to wait until the roads cleared or fly to Sydney.  Since I ... Read more >

Tags: australia, bus tour, flights, flood, sydney, true claims

Stuck in Delhi

INDIA | Wednesday, 10 Feb 2010 | Views [1682]

I was in Rushkar, Rajasthan when I realized that I could not find my passport. I could not book into any hotel without it, and needed to get back to Delhi to report the matter to the nearest British High Commission. Unfortunately, two days before, ... Read more >

Tags: bombings, india, passport, true claims

My Pack was Sacked

ARGENTINA | Saturday, 23 Jan 2010 | Views [2260]

I was walking with my full backpack to the bus terminal one evening in Buenos Aires when I was stopped by two middle aged men. One pulled out a knife and demanded that I hand over everything. Without hesitation, I gave them my pack and they fled. Luckily, ... Read more >

Tags: argentina, backpacking, theft

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