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Man Pain

Wednesday, 17 Feb 2010 | Views [2535]

My glands swelled up while I was in Thailand making it painful to eat. I went to the hospital was prescribed tablets of Amoxicilin for the swelling. After a few days the swelling in my face was getting better but it had spread down to my testicles.... Read more >

Tags: glands, infertility, intestinal health, pain, testis, true claims

Diving Dilemma

Friday, 22 Jan 2010 | Views [3958]

I signed up for a PADI diving course in Thailand, and after completing my first open water dive, my ears were blocked. I couldn’t unblock them for two days and had to go to the hospital to have them unblocked. While there, they discovered that I had ... Read more >

Tags: diving, earache, padi, scuba diving

Monkey Business

Thursday, 21 Jan 2010 | Views [3173]

I was on a boat trip around Koh Phi Phi in Thailand. We stopped at Monkey Beach to walk around. My camera was on the ground and a group of monkeys were getting curious about it. As I bent down to pick it up a monkey bit the back of my knee. I ran to ... Read more >

Tags: bite, islands, monkey, rabies, wound

Bag Overboard!

Friday, 10 Jul 2009 | Views [2786]

I was on a boat trip south of Thailand and the boat almost capsized when it hit some rocks that ruptured the outside.   The boat started leaning heavily to one side and my suitcase happened to be on deck because we were leaving that day.   All the ... Read more >

Tags: baggage, boating, insurance claim, thailand, travel insurance, true claim stories, world nomads

Ear Woes

Wednesday, 8 Jul 2009 | Views [2653]

I was on vacation in Thailand when I developed this nasty outer ear infection.   Within 3 days I developed 2 abscesses which had to be removed.   I went to the hospital for each abscess removal and was put on 2 different courses of antibiotics.... Read more >

Tags: antibiotics, ear infections, insurance claim, travel insurance, true claim stories, world nomads

Intestinal Worms!

Thursday, 15 May 2008 | Views [3429]

Intestinal worms are parasites that love the gastrointestinal tract. God only knows how I got them, maybe from unwashed food or dirty water, but I didn’t really care, I just wanted to get rid of them! I ended up in hospital in Chiang Mai, in northern ... Read more >

Tags: chiang mai, doctors, hospitals & health, intestinal worms, parasites, thailand, true claim stories, world nomads

Here’s a tip: never pat a monkey

Thursday, 8 May 2008 | Views [14459] | Comments [1]

Here's a tip: never pat a monkey, even if it's on a leash: they can be vicious. I was out wandering with a friend on Haad Rin Beach, Koh Phangan Island, when we ran into a local walking his pet monkey. My friend bent over and patted the monkey and the ... Read more >

Tags: claim, hospitals & health, medical, monkey, rabies, thailand, true claim stories, world nomads

Bad karma for Thai Camera thief

Wednesday, 7 May 2008 | Views [5119] | Comments [1]

All I can hope is that bad karma will follow whoever stole my camera. Grrr. I was shopping on Khao San Road late one evening when I realised my camera had been stolen from my zipped-up bag. The street was really crowded, as usual, with tourists and ... Read more >

Tags: bad karma, camera, claim, khao san road, luggage, thailand, true claim stories, world nomads

Does that Monkey have rabies?

Wednesday, 17 May 2006 | Views [5253] | Comments [2]

I was on Had Rinn island in Thailand with a friend just walking around the town and noticed a local person with a monkey on a leash. When asked if we could pat it he said yes. My friend patted the monkey and was allowed to hold it and then I went to pat ... Read more >

Tags: misadventures, rabies, true claim stories

Infected cut

Monday, 15 May 2006 | Views [4147] | Comments [1]

While swimming off Koh Chang I struck my foot on a sharp rock sustaining a deep cut and tendon injury. I was taken to the local clinic by taxi where the wound was stitched. I attended the local clinic as an outpatient on four subsequent days however the ... Read more >

Tags: doctors, hospitals & health, insurance, true claim stories, world nomads

Bus crash

Thursday, 26 Jan 2006 | Views [3507]

The bus I was on crashed into the back of a lorry and a metal rod went into my leg. I was taken to hospital by ambulance and had stitches. One week later the wound was swollen so they had to re-open it and empty the collected blood. From then on it ... Read more >

Tags: planes trains & automobiles, true claim stories

Why I didn’t I ask for rubber gloves?

Saturday, 26 Nov 2005 | Views [12808] | Comments [6]

The American Breakfast at Bangkok General Hospital (BGH) consists of: 4 hot dogs (They call them sausages, Americans call them hot dogs) 3 of another type of sausage 4 slices of ham A roll, bread and butter And this is for someone ... Read more >

Tags: doctors, hospitals & health, insurance, rubber gloves, true claim stories, world nomads


Thursday, 10 Feb 2005 | Views [3718]

After the tsunami hit Khao Lak, the British FCO and local agencies were evacuating all foreign nationals in the area, due to the complete devastation. We were evacuated out of the area by truck to Takuapa, and then north to Bangkok as advised. My girlfriend ... Read more >

Tags: beaches & sunshine, khao lak, thailand, true claim stories, tsunami



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