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Being Bondi

Being Bondi

Australia | Friday, 15 October 2010 | 5 photos

Bondi Beach Australia is one of the most legendary beaches in the world. It achieved its reputation not because of his geographic characteristics but because of its people.
As the melting pot of the most contrasting lifesyles, cultures and nationalities, Bondi serves as a stage for self-expression to everybody. In the glaring light of the sun backpackers and bodybuilders, surfers and artists, alcoholics and athletes, tourists and locals, young and old meet and merge into one colorful play of leisure-time pursuit.
The openness and liberality with which people there present their bodies as well as their ideals amazed me and lured me into having a closer look. The documentary photo series "Being Bondi" is the result of a three month expedition into the world of Bondi's diverse personality. Through a 50mm lens and on 35mm Film I caught an insight into Bondi's people's lives – close, honest and colorful.

Documenting people is my photographic passion. New people and new places inspire me to find out more about them and to look closer. I love to watch the world through my camera, to find its beauty and irony, and to capture images that catch the heart, the mind or the eye.

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