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A tramping journey across New Zealand.

My Scholarship entry - A tramping journey across New Zealand.

New Zealand | Tuesday, 18 November 2014 | flickr photos

An opportunity to travel to the Amazon with a National Geographic team? An experience helping you to professionalize your favourite hobby? A pleasure to apply!
As an anthropologist and ecologist I consider photography as an excellent means to promote values, protect the environment and show our cultural richness as human beings.
Landscapes and street photography are my favourite ones. I like nature and walk around it to discover wonderful places. I bought my first camera with some friends a few weeks before a road trip to the Balkans, since then I haven’t stopped practising and trying to improve my photography: Travel, step on the mud and try to find the meaning of the journey through photography. Currently I write my PhD thesis on nonviolent movements in the Arab Spring and live between Egypt and Spain, spending my free time photographing.
The scholarship is a great opportunity for me to learn from a professional team and try to dedicate to photography professionally. I love photography because it is able to express feelings and sense of an experience in a single frame. I am ready mentally and physically for this journey, helping the team and learning from this great experience.

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