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Pura Vida! A pure life in Costa Rica.

My Scholarship entry - Falling in Lust

Costa Rica | Sunday, 23 November 2014 | 5 photos

I'm a 46 year old kid who, with my wife's support, has begun moving toward my dream of starting my own B & B somewhere in the tropics. Helping bring travelers from around the world to hike and mountain bike In the eternal Spring of Central America, to build a rural tourist showcase that helps support my new neighbors. This is why I would ask to be chosen. With my new purpose in life I also need new skills, and with Jason Edwards guiding me in the beginning how could I loose? I'll be needing great photographs to promote my new home, my new offering to this world, and for my new blog...coming soon. These 12 days in Peru will help propel me into my next stage of life and allow me to offer both my guests and my neighbors new photographic skills with the experience of a lifetime. Also, my customers will need World Nomads too!

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