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My Scholarship entry - Desert mermaid

Egypt | Monday, 24 November 2014 | 5 photos

firstly i believe that Human is not created to stay in one place, that was one reason of many for my passion toward travel,

secondly we all spend our life documenting, through memory, pc's etc .., not all the people have the ability to document through performing art, visual, auditory or sensory, photography is the best way to document through performing art, thats why my other passion "not 2nd" is photography

thus i found my favorite categories easily, travel photography, through my travels i maintained to get a very nice shoots within a very limited time whatever the weather is, and that's one more nice thing about photography: bad weather would offer you a shoots would not be repeated, i find my self while performing this, despite of heat, cold, rains, sand, rocks, non-paved ways and paths, i found my self enjoying this too much, adventuring and risking to get a good shot, in my country not a lot of people have the chance to make living from that,

you sir as a national geographic pro. photographer is a role model for all who are concerned about photography, nature and travel, and can teach me much and lead my first step on the right way

Kind Regards

Mohamed Abdulghany

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