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My Scholarship entry - Caught It

Worldwide | Monday, 24 November 2014 | 5 photos

I was a GREAT corporate drone. A farm boy's work ethic crossed with a Silicon Valley skill set - everything you'd want in an advertising art director, skipping out on my own life to meet deadlines and bill more hours. Then like so many others of my ilk, it came crashing down in 2008. Standing in the ashes of dual lay-offs and a half paid honeymoon, my wife and I chose to make art. Our YouTube channel - Lost & Found Travel - was born. She would write/host and I would shoot. We've never regretted it for a moment.

In the 6 years since, I've grown as a photographer through the many "classic" phases. In Thailand I was obsessed with subjects, shooting in India opened my eyes to capturing fleeting moments, in Morocco I started chasing the light and finally on subsequent trips back to India and SE Asia I started chasing the life.

Applying for this scholarship isn't about radically changing my path. I've already done that. It's not even about the trip. To me it is an opportunity to walk beside a wiser other, to share a portion of a journey and to gain strength from the sharing. It is a chance to expand my work beyond the limits of what I can teach myself on-the-fly. I'm ready to listen.

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