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The Return of the Mayan

My Scholarship entry - A 'place' I have visited

Guatemala | Friday, 5 July 2013 | flickr photos

I don't think anyone jumps from regular person to world citizen quite like a transracial adoptee. From the time I was born to an indigenous woman in Guatemala though my upbringing in an Irish-American family, I grew up with the task of learning to walk in and bridge my two worlds and other worlds that needed bridging in order to understand. Before I grew into myself, I used the camera to hide behind and keep a safe distance from people and events I participated in. But when I look at my favorite pictures now, it's clear that hiding behind the camera only drew myself into the deepest moments of every situation I tried to hide from. I've found an accidental way of connecting, that started as a safe way for a shy person to see the world and is now how I convey my art, my voice, and my vision. The winner of this opportunity should be one with the ability to connect people of the world with the message and spirit of Greenland, whether it comes from it's glaciers, people, animals, and everything in between. I am an amateur, but I have the intuition to recognize and the skill to capture a rare moment when I know I'm in the midst of one. Thank you NatGeo, Jason Edwards, and WorldNomads!

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