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COLOMBIA | Tuesday, 29 Nov 2005 | Views [1573]

Down on the beach it was hammock and food time. I didn't get around to a lot of swimming. The sea is more that a little treacherous around here as you might see by the number of lifeguards (salvavidas). They are the fellows with bright orange gear on ... Read more >

Tags: Relaxation


COLOMBIA | Tuesday, 29 Nov 2005 | Views [3510]

On Sunday we all decided that it was too hot and bothered to stay in Barranquilla. Six of us and two children hit the streets looking for a taxi. The group consisted of from left to right: Kelly,Rosemary,Johan,Katy,Tonia,and the children: Zhary and Dilan.... Read more >

Tags: Sightseeing


COLOMBIA | Monday, 28 Nov 2005 | Views [1379] | Comments [1]

There are a variety of ways in Colombia, not unlike any other place on the planet, where you can inadvertantly put temptation in someone elses' way, creating thereby a degree of unwanted attention to one's person or property. This can consist of pulling ... Read more >

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COLOMBIA | Saturday, 26 Nov 2005 | Views [642]

Today the hard-drive on the laptop gave way. On the first boot of the day it was making a noise that could compete with a Colombian coffee grinder. After trying to install Windows and, with a rising sense of panic, using all the rescue utilities and boot ... Read more >

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COLOMBIA | Friday, 25 Nov 2005 | Views [646]

The family have advised me to spend as little time as possible on the streets of Soledad and when I am on the streets not to speak Engish. This is a place of abject poverty where a thirty-eight is often the only tool for making the rent or getting food ... Read more >

Tags: On the Road


COLOMBIA | Saturday, 19 Nov 2005 | Views [540]

Today the water dried supply dried up. Apparently this is not rare in this barrio and it can stay off for as long as five days. I have only seen running cold water in Colombia so far but that is no matter, Barranquilla is as hot as hell and very humid.... Read more >

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COLOMBIA | Friday, 18 Nov 2005 | Views [796]

The Venezuelan I met in the customs and immigration queue did not exactly fill me with confidence. "You should listen carefully since I will only have time to tell you once before you are sucked up into this whirlwind, which is Colombia, senor...... Read more >

Tags: On the Road


COLOMBIA | Thursday, 17 Nov 2005 | Views [740]

What a difference a day makes. After sleeping the sleep of the righteous I awoke in the breeze of the airco not entirely sure where I was. Fortunately this is not a condition entirely alien to me. Halland and Hannah, being the hard working folk the are, ... Read more >

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COLOMBIA | Thursday, 17 Nov 2005 | Views [548]

Not at all the romantic business of epic novel. The last minute double whiskey with Richard in the The Happy Flyer Lounge nearly cost me the flight. I thought they always called you in plenty of time. Unfortunately this is not true of Delta Airlines. ... Read more >

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COLOMBIA | Tuesday, 15 Nov 2005 | Views [539]

This Morning’s sun broke over the tram terminus and the Olympic stadium like a fire. A cold morning though. Autumn on a dying world. Scraped myself up off the bed early though; feeling the Dedalus factor. Stephen that is, not the myth. I must have been ... Read more >

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COLOMBIA | Tuesday, 15 Nov 2005 | Photo Gallery

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COLOMBIA | Sunday, 13 Nov 2005 | Views [492]

O.K. Let’s give it one more go. I’ve tried these travelblogs before and they always seem to get screwed up somehow. Gambia and Senegal never got edited and the partial blog of Trinidad, Tobago and the Southern Caribbean just evaporated on the server.... Read more >

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