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My Scholarship entry - A Diverse Outdoor Spectacle

My name is Ben Saheb and I am from Steamboat Springs Colorado.

I am a professional ski photographer by winter and a professional sustainability filmmaker by summer. My goal in life is to use my work as a mechanism to make the world a more sustainable and loving place. I need to win this scholarship because I need experience shooting in places that push my comfort level. There is no doubt in my mind that this trip will do that for me.

The scariest thing about my current photography work right now is the mundane routine I've found myself in. This trip is (without a doubt) the refreshing and life changing break in my seasonal routine that I have been waiting for. For once, an opportunity has landed in my lap that can let me further refine my passion for photography and channel it into something that will one day change the world. Don't believe me? Perfect. Just give me a fighting chance to prove you wrong.

Humbled to have the opportunity to apply,

Ben Saheb

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