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January - Chun Jie (Spring Festival/Chinese New Year), China

CHINA | Tuesday, 6 Dec 2011 | Views [8196]

Location: Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong Dates: Lunar New Year (between 19 January and 20 February) Level of Participation: 3 – there’s a host of activities relating to Chinese New Year, and your level of involvement ... Read more >

Tags: china, chinese new year, chun jie, hong kong, spring festival, world festivals

June - Duanwu Jie (Dragon Boat Festival), China

CHINA | Wednesday, 25 May 2011 | Views [4546]

Location: Húnán province, China Dates: Fifth day of the fifth lunar month Level of Participation: 1 – watch the dragons race Description: During the Dragon Boat Festival, which falls on 8 June ... Read more >

Tags: china, dragon boat festival, duanwu jie, world festivals

April - Sister's Meal Festival, China

CHINA | Wednesday, 2 Mar 2011 | Views [10182] | Video

Location: Shīdòng, China Dates: Begins on the 15th day of the third lunar month (usually mid- to late April) Level of Participation: 1 – watch love weave its spell Description: Love is in the air in this courtship ritual in eastern Guìzhōu, ... Read more >

Tags: china, sisters meal festival, world festivals

Inside World Festivals: Dragon Boat Festival/Duanwu Festival

CHINA | Friday, 4 Jun 2010 | Views [3015] | Video

China’s Dragon Boat Festival, with its colorful and creative boats crafted to resemble mythical dragons, is one of the world’s most incredible and memorable events.  Held every June, spectators from all over the world gather alongside the rivers to ... Read more >

Tags: boat races, china, chinese culture, chinese festivals, dragon boat, taiwan, world festivals

September - Mid-Autumn Festival, China

CHINA | Sunday, 16 Aug 2009 | Views [2003] | Video

Location: China Dates: Fifteenth day of the eight lunar month Level of Participation: 2 – gaze at the woman in the moon Description: Also called the Moon Cake Festival, China’s harvest festival ... Read more >

Tags: china, mid-aurumn festival, world festivals

August - Chung Yuan (Hungry Ghost Festival), China

CHINA | Thursday, 16 Jul 2009 | Views [3774] | Video

Location: China Dates: Fifteenth day of the seventh lunar month Level of Participation: 4 – sit next to a ghost at dinner Description: For the Chinese, this is ‘Ghost Month’, a time when they ... Read more >

Tags: china, hungry ghost festival, world festivals

February - International Ice and Snow Festival, China

CHINA | Saturday, 17 Jan 2009 | Views [1078] | Video

Location: Zhaolin Park and Sun Island Park, Hāěrbīn, China Dates: 5 January–15 February Level of Participation: 3 – whoosh down the ice slides and stick around until the festival’s end for the fun of destroying the ... Read more >

Tags: china, international ice and snow festival, world festivals

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