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Travel Insurance Claims - True Stories Just some of the weird and wonderful things that happen to World Nomads travellers while on the road


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Look both ways, and down...

CANADA | Monday, 6 Jul 2009 | Views [1241]

I was on the first day of my ski vacation, walking out to the shuttle that takes you to the mountain.   The driveway was snow-covered and icy, so it wasn’t surprising that I fell and twisted my left ankle and couldn’t ski the whole weekend. ... Read more >

Tags: ankle injuries, insurance claim, ski vacation, skiing, travel insurance, true claim stories, world nomads

Ligament Injuries

CANADA | Friday, 9 May 2008 | Views [1431]

It’s cliché but true: accidents happen all the time but you never count on one happening to you. I was skiing in Canada when I took a fall and injured my left knee. I was taken from the slopes to a local Emergency Centre, in great pain, where they ... Read more >

Tags: canada, claim, injury, medical, skiing, snow, true claim stories, world nomads, x-ray

Skiing Accident

USA | Wednesday, 7 May 2008 | Views [4359] | Comments [1]

I should have called it quits for the day and headed into a bar for a warming Schnapps. Instead, I decided to take the last ski run down the mountain. As I was flying down the slopes, my left ski collided with my right, blowing out my left knee and ... Read more >

Tags: claim, injury, medical, rescue, skiing, snow, true claim stories, usa, world nomads

Unconscious snowboarding accident

CANADA | Tuesday, 6 May 2008 | Views [3019]

I was snowboarding on Blackcomb Mountain when I lost control and crashed — hard. My left arm and head took the brunt of the impact and I was left lying on the slopes, unconscious. When I came too, I knew there was something seriously wrong with my arm.... Read more >

Tags: canada, claim, hospitals & health, injury, medical, skiing, snow, true claim stories, world nomads

Kissing the boulder

CANADA | Tuesday, 1 Mar 2005 | Views [3616]

While skiing at the Sunshine Village resort in Canada, I caught an edge lost control and skiied into a boulder. On impact with the rock I injured both my arms, chipped some teeth and lacerated and fractued part of my jaw. When the medics came to assist ... Read more >

Tags: doctors, hospitals & health, skiing, true claim stories, x-ray

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