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Gypsy robbery

ARGENTINA | Sunday, 19 March 2006 | Views [2994] | Comments [3]

March 19th, 13:00pm. I was robbed off calle Espana in Mendoza, Argentina. I was walking on this Sunday when approached by a blonde haired gypsy man who asked me to let him bless my money for safe travels.

After refusing, he insisted that I accept a plant he had in his hand and that I put the plant in my wallet where my money was. I told him that I would put it in my pocket, myself, not him.

I was then approached by two of his female accomplices from behind, telling me not to be scared. The two women were holding bottles of water, and repeated to me to not be scared that the water was to bless my money.

This made me start to have reason to be scared.

I was carrying a backpack, and in concern that they were trying to steal items I had inside the backpack, the man pulled my wallet and ipod out of my pocket. I grabbed my wallet because it had my credit cards in it and eventually got it back from the man, but he had taken 800 Argentine pesos. He then proceeded to show me that they were blessing the money with water and destroying it by pouring water onto the money and wodding it up until it was a wet worthless wod of paper.

I knew he had stashed the money and ipod somewhere on his person. I then fled the scene to where there were other people around. A police report was filed shortly after and they had heard of this happening to many tourist in Mendoza.

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What a sad world it is when we can trust almost any other species but not our own. Here's hoping your other adventures have been more pleasant.

  Ruan (France) Jul 15, 2006 12:30 AM


In my experience, if someone starts to do something to you that you have requested them not to do, a quick hard slap to the side of the head ensuring to cover their ear fully puts them into another thought process. It also puts their balance out of whack therefore enabling you to make your escape generally unhindered.What you must do though is commit to the act-nothing half arsed or it will turn on you. The women shouls be dealt with in a similar fashion if they thought themselves good enough to have a crack at you. These people do not expect you to turn the tables on them so a small quick act will give you precious time that you would need if they really meant business..

  Kombi Cam (OZ) Aug 5, 2006 10:25 PM


I know this was written ages ago but this JUST happened to me too! After the guy pretty much forcefully took my money I refused to let him or his 2 accomplices leave and I followed them insisting that they magically change my money back (which is of course what they claimed would happen) now in front of them rather than an hour from now by blowing on my freakin´ wallet-how stupid are people who actually do this?!? Anyway after about a 1/2 an hour they transformed the ball of trash pink paper back into my money and I left pissed off but w my money.

  Sandra Apr 5, 2007 4:42 AM

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