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Rabies scare

INDIA | Wednesday, 6 April 2005 | Views [6388] | Comments [8]

While I was in Sarnath, India I was bitten by a puppy that later bit 13 other people and died four days later of rabies. I was bitten on my index finger and wrist. Unfortunately, I didn't find out that the puppy had rabies until I reached Kathmandu the night of March 11.

I immediately went for rabies treatment at the CIWEC clinic in Kathmandu which treats western travelers. Because it had been 9 days since I was bitten I had to receive the human gobulin shot first and then the series of 5 shots. I got the first three shots in Kathmandu at this clinic.

I already had my plane ticket to fly to Guatemala where I went to the emergency room of the Herrera Llerandi Hospital in Guatemala City to get the 4th shot, due on March 25th, and to buy the 5th shot from them to take to the village of Panajachel where I will be staying so I can get that last shot without having to go back to Guatemala City.

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Rabies is a disease caused by a virus found in the saliva of infected animals and is transmitted to pets and humans by bites, or possibly by contamination of an open cut. Treatment of an infected person as critical. Untreated, rabies causes a painful death.

  J Sep 5, 2006 7:29 PM



  Anna Jan 11, 2007 3:25 AM


what happened after that?
did you survive? ...did you have after effects from the treatment. I just underwent the same treatment for rabies because I was bitten by a bat. But now, a few weeks after the last treatment... I have a headache, soreness behind my eyes and I feel am very very tired as though my body is trying to fight off some illness.
Did you experience this?
Just wondering... hope all went well with you.

  jane Jun 9, 2008 5:28 AM


Wow, you were a lucky one! :)

  Megan Sep 30, 2008 11:21 AM


My dog wasent so lucky. Me and my boy friend were up in the moutains hunting last summer, and a bat bit his dog. We didnt know that until a few days later. He was acting strange. He wasnt being his playful self. All he did was lie there and make these growling noises. So we took him to the vet. He was tested for rabies and sure enough...he died a day later. :(

  Jessica Sep 30, 2008 11:30 AM


Wow, im sorry :( :( :(

  Megan Sep 30, 2008 11:33 AM


Rabies, otherwise known as hydrophobia, is a viral infection caused by the bite or lick of an infected animal. It will only affect warm-blooded animals. There are generally two types of rabies. Furious rabies means the animal generally shows vicious actions, whereas paralyctic (dumb) rabies shows the animal in a sort of dumb state. Of course, not all animals go vicious, some animals can turn perfectly tame. Only six people are known to have survived, five with significant neurological damage.
Sorry, I'm obsessed with rabies, lol.

  Sarah age 12 Nov 14, 2008 7:12 AM


All known survivors out of persons who developed rabies were treated to extensive medical care. I've only heard about one survivor who was treated after developing symptoms of the disease. Even so, the disease is considered 100% fatal once it develops.
Medical treatment, after the symptoms develop, is only to provide some relief from the agonizing death it causes.

  Ralph Oct 12, 2010 7:59 AM

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