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Nepal for the First Time Trekker (and Long Time Foodie)

NEPAL | Friday, 24 Feb 2012 | Views [14492] | Comments [9]

My love affair with Nepal began when my brother moved there for a year back in 2005. I can remember receiving emails from him where he would describe the friendly locals, endless Momo’s and beautiful artworks. I always knew it was a must see for ... Read more >

Tags: culture, food, girls guide, nepal, travel, trekking

Soaking up Culture on the Road

WORLDWIDE | Tuesday, 6 Dec 2011 | Views [4416] | Comments [1]

When I look back at all the countries, cities, and towns I’ve visited, the places that left the biggest impression were the ones where I managed to conjure up a local experience. Although this is something many of us strive for, it can be difficult ... Read more >

Tags: culture, tips, travel

A Girl's Guide to the Middle East

WORLDWIDE | Monday, 25 Jul 2011 | Views [11872] | Comments [3]

At first, I avoided telling people I was visiting the Middle East. ‘I’m travelling overland between Istanbul and Cairo,’ I’d say vaguely. If people didn’t realise which countries came in between those two cities that wasn’t my problem, right? But ... Read more >

Tags: culture, dress, egypt, jordan, middle east, religion, syria, travel, travel tips, women

A Taste of Peru - Chupe de Camarones (Shrimp Chowder)

PERU | Thursday, 24 Mar 2011 | Views [13733] | Comments [5]

One of the wonderful things about Latin America is that you never need to worry about being hungry . Cities are dotted with wonderful street vendors selling fruit and serving up hot food. In North America if you are going on a long bus ride or ... Read more >

Tags: cuisines, culture, eating, experiences, food, peru, recipes, south america

Weird and Wonderful: Authentic American Eats

USA | Saturday, 1 Aug 2009 | Views [3428]

A family enjoying a daunting Chicago-style deep dish pizza "pie". Now that's a slice! While the U.S. may be known as a culinary melting pot - adopting, transforming, and fusing cuisines from around the world, there are a few foods that ... Read more >

Tags: america, culture, eating, food, travel-tips, usa

Costa Rica: Do’s and Don’ts

COSTA RICA | Wednesday, 1 Jul 2009 | Views [25277] | Comments [3]

Costa Rica is one of the prettiest countries you can visit, full of exceptional wildlife, beautiful scenery and wonderful people. However, always remember that to be a responsible tourist there are some Do’s and Don’ts you should follow. Do: Do ... Read more >

Tags: costa rica, culture, responsible travel, travel tips

Do’s and Don’ts When Travelling in Vietnam

VIETNAM | Monday, 1 Jun 2009 | Views [76960] | Comments [9]

Vietnam is a friendly country that is generally safe to travel to and full of wonders like Hanoi, the Mekong Delta and let’s not forget the always scrumptious roasted sparrow entrees! The Vietnamese are very appreciative if they see you trying to ... Read more >

Tags: culture, responsible travel, scams, southeast asia, travel, vietnam, volunteering

Cyclo culture: join the slow lane

VIETNAM | Monday, 1 Jun 2009 | Views [3661] | Comments [1]

Cyclos (also called trishaws) in Vietnam are now mainly for tourists, although many locals do still use them from time to time. They won’t be hard to miss as drivers ring their bells constantly trying to attract attention, especially near tourist attractions.... Read more >

Tags: culture, cyclos, rickshaw, southeast asia, travel tips, trishaw, vietnam

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