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Getting Hugged by Strangers A Hawaiian Ceremony

Thursday, 3 Oct 2013 | Views [6481] | Comments [2]

"Look how tall you've gotten!" family members would squeal as I was growing up, patting me on the head. "My gosh, isn't she just the cutest?" a family friend would exclaim at a cookout reaching for my face to pinch my cheeks. There's a certain ... Read more >

Tags: ceremony, hawaiian, solo travel, traditions, travel, usa

Southern USA: 7 Tips for the First Time Visitor

Wednesday, 28 Sep 2011 | Views [7767] | Comments [3]

While many people visit the United States every year, most overseas travelers hit the big three– Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York– and rarely stray from that path. This makes the southern United States “off the beaten path” by default. I don’t know ... Read more >

Tags: entertainment, food, gerogia, history, music, north america, the south, travel, travel tips, usa

A year around the world with the Lost Girls

Wednesday, 11 Aug 2010 | Views [6206]

"We're all in transition, but that's not bad. The idea is not to be found, but to embrace being lost." We spoke with Amanda Pressner about her RTW trip and newly released book: The Lost Girls: three friends, four continents and one ... Read more >

Tags: backpacking, lost girls world, rtw travel, the lost girls, travel books, women travelers

The Best American Adventures You’ve Never Heard Of

Monday, 3 Aug 2009 | Views [33060] | Comments [1]

When planning a road trip across America most folks will definitely hit Vegas, the Grand Canyon, New Orleans, New York City and Hollywood; but for those of you looking for something a little less touristy, somewhere the locals go, check out these great ... Read more >

Tags: adventure travel, america, off the beaten track, travel, usa

American Dialect Dictionary

Sunday, 2 Aug 2009 | Views [4200] | Comments [2]

A couple of the most commonly confused words right off the bat: Soda , fizz , pop or Cola all mean soft drink. Chips are potato chips, not French fries. Fanny – watch this video , we’re not saying anymore. In the North: Packie – liquor ... Read more >

Tags: dialect, regional differences, travel, travel phrases, usa

Summer music festivals: the limelight is getting greener

Saturday, 1 Aug 2009 | Views [4400]

Green initiatives are taking center stage on the U.S. summer music festival scene as a trend that may just last a little longer than some of the opening acts. Festivals seem to almost be trying to out-do one another in not only performance acts, but ... Read more >

Tags: america, eco-travel, music festivals, summer, sustainability, usa

Weird and Wonderful: Authentic American Eats

Saturday, 1 Aug 2009 | Views [3428]

A family enjoying a daunting Chicago-style deep dish pizza "pie". Now that's a slice! While the U.S. may be known as a culinary melting pot - adopting, transforming, and fusing cuisines from around the world, there are a few foods that ... Read more >

Tags: america, culture, eating, food, travel-tips, usa



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