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Beach hawkers

INDONESIA | Wednesday, 16 Jul 2008 | Views [1725]

"A massage" "Sarong?" "a bracelet for your boy" "Where are you from?" "A kite mister?" "You need car?" Local street hawkers hassle you all the time trying to flog you ... Read more >

Tags: beach, children, hassle, hawkers, people

Yogyakarta street urchins

INDONESIA | Monday, 7 Jul 2008 | Views [1174]

After Bali I was slightly surprised at the general level of poverty on Java. Not extreme poverty but the sheer volume of Becak drivers willing to pedal you around for a pitance spoke volumes. Despite the vibrant market along Marlborough Street, there ... Read more >

Tags: becak, beggars, children, dilemma, poverty, yogyakarta

A social experiment for a class of 5 year olds

AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 29 Jun 2008 | Views [1833]

My eldest boy is aged 5 and goes to a nice school here. The kindergarten teacher asked all the Mum's and Dad's to talk to the class about what they did for work, so, since being a 'Director'  doesn't mean a great deal to a 5 year old, I went in as ... Read more >

Tags: children, footprints network, school, social experiment

Indelible impressions from Japanese Hot Springs

JAPAN | Tuesday, 1 Jan 2008 | Views [24138]

Travellers often avoid Japan because of it's reputation for being expensive. This was certainly true a decade or so ago, but these days it's quite the bargain. We visit Japan fairly regularly and go to get our fix of two things: the food and the onsen ... Read more >

Tags: children, culture, experience, hot springs, japan, onsen, tokyo

Heavenly days

GREECE | Saturday, 13 Oct 2007 | Views [1614]

I will never cease to be amazed at how a journey can turn on a dime and memorable days pop out of nowhere when they are least expected. Were you able to engineer them and string such days together, life would be rich indeed. Our day started ordinarily ... Read more >

Tags: children, crete, family, greek islands, loutro, magic, travel

Ready, set, wriggle

AUSTRALIA | Thursday, 13 Sep 2007 | Views [2328]

Someone asked me the other day how much stuff you pack for a six week family trip. Answer: when you are carrying it all yourself, exactly the same as a ten day trip! Online check-in is yet another superb benefit of the digital age: now we can ... Read more >

Tags: children, family, guidebook, home, lonely planet, nomads, travel, travel planning

Light and Dark

AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 12 Aug 2007 | Views [2726] | Comments [1]

A clear night in the remote desert, ochre red dust howls as children and dogs run wild, lit by lots of flickering open fires, people lounging on vehicles in various states of disrepair, like a scene from an indigenous version of Mad Max. On TV it would ... Read more >

Tags: aboriginal, children, culture, experience, family, festival, garma, health, indigenous, politics

Tell me about your family

AUSTRALIA | Saturday, 10 Feb 2007 | Views [2089]

The boys were at day care yesterday and they were discusing their families: LEVI: "I love my brother because he doesn't hit me." RIU: "My brother hits me." LEVI: "Do you still love him?" RIU: "Yes.... Read more >

Tags: children, family


INDONESIA | Thursday, 4 Jan 2007 | Views [2351]

The cool afternoon breeze floats across the rice paddies, the sounds of ducks, frogs and crickets drifting into our room with it. The atmosphere is tranquil and exquisite. Perched on the far corner of a back lane-way a short distance from Ubud, the ... Read more >

Tags: bali, children, culture, decoration, family, festival, people, places to stay, temple

How my son sees the world

AUSTRALIA | Saturday, 9 Dec 2006 | Views [1382]

Riu has just turned 4 and this is his picture of a horse. When asked "What's that underneath the horse?" he said "Dad, and Riu and Kai" in his broad young Australian accent. And what's that to the right of Kai? "Mum .... Read more >

Tags: children, drawing, family, riu, travel with children

Travel broadens the mind. Really?

CAMBODIA | Wednesday, 24 May 2006 | Views [6071]

Having travelled widely, I have firm beliefs in the positives of the travel experience in getting people to be a little more compassionate towards one another. Racism, intollerance and war are all harder to propigate when you have experienced local hospitality ... Read more >

Tags: children, culture, ignorance, philosophy of travel, racism

A bold new adventure

AUSTRALIA | Thursday, 30 Mar 2006 | Views [1484] | Comments [3]

Three years ago World Nomads was born, and Christy was our very first customer for her trip through Vietnam. A veteran world nomad last year she came to work for us and has helped us develop these adventure journals into a powerful community ... Read more >

Tags: children, family, perspective

How times change

VIETNAM | Thursday, 29 Dec 2005 | Views [1549]

We last visited Vietnam as two young travellers in April 1991. It had only recently opened to tourists, there was little infrastructure, and it was hard travelling. Having said that, it was a very special time too with incredible memories. Travelling ... Read more >

Tags: adventures, bus, children, fun, jobs, memories, travel planning, work

La Paz

BOLIVIA | Thursday, 7 Jan 1999 | Views [1236]

Spewing clouds of black diesel into the thin crisp air, the orange train lumbered and creaked through cloud-fringed mountains. We rolled past fluffy Alpacas looking so cute and innocent before they are shorn, tended by wild sunburnt mountain people ... Read more >

Tags: altitude, children, football, la paz, people, soccer

Life & death in Chichicastenango

GUATEMALA | Thursday, 26 Nov 1998 | Views [3324]

The peaks of the volcanos, cloaked in cloud and on fire from the dawn sun, glide past the windows of our plane. In my imaginations I had painted a land of jungle not volcanos large enough to greet you as you arrive by plane. Being thrown back into ... Read more >

Tags: children, clouds, culture, death, mortality, philosophy of travel, volcano

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