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Gallery: Bali 2009

Saturday, 8 Aug 2009 | Photo Gallery

Yet another trip to Bali with the family
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Exploring a volcanic island by motorbike

Saturday, 1 Aug 2009 | Views [1900] | Comments [1] | Video

In our younger days one of the great joys of travel was to just wander, to have no real plan except to get lost and see what eventuated. Sometimes it really didn't work and we'd end up in some tricky situations, more often than not it was a pleasing ... Read more >

Tags: bali, beauty, island, volcano

Photos: Bali again

Wednesday, 29 Jul 2009 | Flickr Photo Gallery

From our Bali trip last year
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Three little ducks went far away (the Dyslexic version)

Tuesday, 7 Jul 2009 | Views [2734] | Comments [1]

At pre-school our four year old has been learning all sorts of rhymes and songs in both English and Japanese, and he has the wonderful habit of singing loudly to himself from about 7am or particularly when he is tired. Not being Dyslexic he has no trouble ... Read more >

Tags: bali, ducks, dyslexia, perspective boys, songs, travel with children

Notes and curiosities

Tuesday, 22 Jul 2008 | Views [2350]

One of the things I've been considering on this trip is that of all the travel web sites in the world, the one I usually start with is ... Google. Not Lonely Planet or Trip Advisor or World Nomads. These I use to plan our trip and I ... Read more >

Tags: google, internet, planning, sms

Gallery: Bali 2008

Sunday, 20 Jul 2008 | Photo Gallery

Our adventures from winter
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Beach hawkers

Wednesday, 16 Jul 2008 | Views [1725]

"A massage" "Sarong?" "a bracelet for your boy" "Where are you from?" "A kite mister?" "You need car?" Local street hawkers hassle you all the time trying to flog you ... Read more >

Tags: beach, children, hassle, hawkers, people

Dichotomy on Lombok

Monday, 14 Jul 2008 | Views [1210]

4am. Dark. Even the cocks are asleep. "Yohawaaaw. Awwwwwwwaaaaaahhhhhhhhh. Yohawaaaw. Awwwwwwwaaaaaahhhhhhhhh." The wailing call to prayer goes on and on and on. We have two enduring memories from Lombok of many years ago:... Read more >

Tags: adhan, lombok, mosque, sleep deprevation, wailing

Gallery: Lombok 2008

Monday, 14 Jul 2008 | Photo Gallery

From our Winter adventure ...
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Violent vomiting across the Wallace line

Sunday, 13 Jul 2008 | Views [1967] | Comments [2]

"Is that it?" Yuki looked decidedly dubious.  The GiliCat was described as the fastest way to get from Bali to the Gili Islands off the northern coast of Lombok, but the boat before us looked tiny. Divided by the Wallace Line , Bali ... Read more >

Tags: bali, disaster, ferry, lombok, more vomit, travel with children, vomit

Yogyakarta street urchins

Monday, 7 Jul 2008 | Views [1174]

After Bali I was slightly surprised at the general level of poverty on Java. Not extreme poverty but the sheer volume of Becak drivers willing to pedal you around for a pitance spoke volumes. Despite the vibrant market along Marlborough Street, there ... Read more >

Tags: becak, beggars, children, dilemma, poverty, yogyakarta

You type "Bird Flu" and "Symptoms" into Google ...

Monday, 7 Jul 2008 | Views [5342]

To walk to the Sultan's Water Palace in Yogyakarta you have to pass through the bird market. As you approach, many of the shops only display bamboo bird cages and it passes through your mind that maybe they have removed all the birds because of the ... Read more >

Tags: bird flu, doctor, google, hospital, indonesia, java, near miss, yogyakarta

Gallery: Java 2008

Saturday, 5 Jul 2008 | Photo Gallery

Adventures on Central Java
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Yogjakarta the temples of central Java

Saturday, 5 Jul 2008 | Views [1552]

Years ago we spent so much time on the islands between Timor and Lombok that we had no time left for this part of Indonesia so this is the first time we have ever explored central Java. Not surprisingly we have chosen to base ourselves in Yogyakarta, ... Read more >

Tags: becak, borobudur, java, prambanan, temples, yogjakarta

Gallery: Island of the Gods

Tuesday, 16 Jan 2007 | Photo Gallery

Pictures of our three week family trip around Bali
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Outrageously scenic

Thursday, 11 Jan 2007 | Views [4457]

The day starts with a flash of blue slicing past the coconut palms outside our veranda that overhangs the stream. A distinct ccreeeee-ccreee of the Balinese kingfisher heralds its presence each morning but we only catch glimpses of blue, orange and ... Read more >

Tags: adventures, bali, ceremony, culture, death, family, festival

(More) travel with Children

Sunday, 7 Jan 2007 | Views [4342] | Comments [2]

Our boys are now aged 2 and 4 and are, well, quite a handful. At their worst they grow horns or worse, but they often just buzz, like flies, that you can't swot away. Much more demanding than at this time last year. If that sounds harsh then ... Read more >

Tags: adventures, challenge, family, travel with children


Thursday, 4 Jan 2007 | Views [2352]

The cool afternoon breeze floats across the rice paddies, the sounds of ducks, frogs and crickets drifting into our room with it. The atmosphere is tranquil and exquisite. Perched on the far corner of a back lane-way a short distance from Ubud, the ... Read more >

Tags: bali, children, culture, decoration, family, festival, people, places to stay, temple


Saturday, 30 Dec 2006 | Views [1018]

As 2006 draws to a close and with time and personal space uncluttered from the confetti of interruptions that the internet brings, the last week has provided a timely opportunity to pause and consider where life is going. Life is first ... Read more >

Tags: philosophy of travel, poetry, reflection

The other Bali

Thursday, 28 Dec 2006 | Views [1736]

Ah, Bali. Tropical, friendly, easy, stunningly beautiful, lush, and interesting, somehow even the crass commercialism of Kuta doesn't dirty the experience. The Balinese know only too well how to alter their environment to best effect, turning the smallest ... Read more >

Tags: bali, culture, fear, gods, island, magic, terrorism, travel with children

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