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2009 Worldnomads.com Travel Podcast Scholarship - CLOSED

WORLDWIDE | Wednesday, 11 February 2009 | Views [31078] | Comments [25]




WorldNomads.com will send one exceptional individual on assignment to volunteer on a GVI run project near Antigua in Guatemala. The Indigenous Maya in Guatemala make up a huge percentage of the population with many families' income around $3 a day.

You will work with the San Andres Itzapa and Santa Maria de Jesus Indigenous communities to help improve their quality of life through building an energy efficient stove for a family to help provide cleaner air and encourage less wood consumption.

As part of this assignment, you will receive mentorship from ABC Radio Journalist, Executive Producer & Author, Tim Latham, who will provide assistance via telephone/internet with story development, scripting and final editing.

Your accommodation will be homestay and include a couple of days of Spanish tuition, followed by a three day project building the stove for a family. Your trip will also include visits to the local school and introductions to members of the community where you you will seek out your own unique story to be recorded on your new mobile digital recorder.

The Scholarship also covers airfares from your nearest international airport to Guatemala City, home-cooked meals, travel vaccinations and visa costs.

Once you have returned home, you'll create a 5 minute Podcast Documentary which will become a feature piece on the Indie Travel Podcast website and will be submitted to a number of international radio programs, podcast channels and partner sites, giving you the chance to have your story heard by thousands of travellers!

Your Assignment Brief

* We'll fly you in from your country of residence and you'll have to be available to be in Guatemala between May 15th and May 30th 2009.

* Prior to leaving you will be mentored by journalist Tim Latham to guide you in how to approach finding your story.

* In Guatemala, you will be given unique access to interview the local indigenous community with assistance from a GVI translator.

* Your assignment includes volunteering to build an energy efficient stove, Spanish lessons and some local sight seeing. More details available at GVI.

* You will keep a daily diary about your time on the trip and upload this plus pictures you've taken to your WorldNomads.com travel journal.

* On your return you will receive further mentoring from Tim Latham to assist in editing together your story. You will then upload the 5 minute documentary podcast to the World Nomads web site within 2 months of your return.

* Most of all, you'll be experiencing what it's like to be journalist in a remote location in one the most beautiful and friendly countries in the world.

Who can apply

* Anyone can apply - it's open to students, emerging and non-professional journalists and lovers of travel looking for a career change.

* You must speak fluent English.

* Minimum age 18.

* You should have a sharp, inquisitive mind, excellent speaking/presentation skills, a lust for adventure travel, and a burning desire to enhance your journalism skills.

Apply now

If you want it, you've got to show it. To apply you need to:

1. Compile a 3 minute (or less) travel focussed podcast documentary in English around the theme ‘Is Home Where the Heart is?’. It's up to you to convince our judging panel through your podcast documentary that you have the spirit of adventure and passion for travel journalism to be chosen for this scholarship. We will be looking for;

• originality
• clarity of ideas
• excellent presentation and interview skills(we strongly recommend you include an interview in in your doco.)
• ability to source and tell a compelling story.

Indie Travel Podcast have posted some great tips about how to put a podcast together.

2. Upload your podcast documentary anywhere you wish on the internet (e.g podcast hosts such as bigcontact.com, blogamp.com, ipodnetwoks.com etc) and note the url address.

3. Go to WorldNomads.com and complete the 2009 World Nomads Podcast Documentary Scholarship application form which includes personal details and a 300 words (or less) essay on why you should be chosen. Copy and paste the link to your podcast submission into the entry form.

Applications close Midnight Sunday April 5, 2009 (Australian Eastern Standard Time)





Conditions of Entry

1. Information on the scholarship prize and how to enter forms part of these conditions of entry. By applying for this scholarship you agree to be bound by these conditions of entry and all decisions of the scholarship promoter (World Nomads) which are final in all matters relating to the promotion. The scholarship and these conditions of entry are void where prohibited by law. Any changes to these conditions of entry will be published on the World Nomads website at www.worldnomads.com.

2. The promoter is World Nomads Pty Limited of Level 5, 24 York St, Sydney, NSW 2000.

3. Employees of World Nomads, Global Vision International(GVI), Indie Travel Podcast and their subsidiaries and affiliated companies, and members of their immediate families or households, are ineligible to apply for this scholarship.

4. Entry is free. No purchase necessary. You must be older than 18 and have a valid passport and be available to be in Guatemala from May 15-30, 2009. To enter, submit an English language podcast documentary of less than three minutes in length on the theme " Is Home Where the Heart is?”. You can submit your entry by doing the following:

a) Upload your podcast anywhere you wish on the internet.


b) Go to http://journals.worldnomads.com/scholarships/post/27876.aspx and follow the directions to fill out the application form and tell us in English in 300 words or less why you should be chosen as the 2009 Travel Podcast Scholarship recipient. Copy and paste the link to your podcast submission into the application form.

5. The scholarship entries can be submitted from 9.00am AEST on January 19 2009 and entries close at 11.59m Australian Eastern Standard Time on 5 April 2009. Entries are deemed to be received at the time of receipt by World Nomads and World Nomads records are conclusive as to the time of receipt. All dates are subject to change if necessary in World Nomads discretion.

6. The Scholarship recipient will be selected by a panel of three judges including one independent judge judging the best overall entry from a review of all eligible entries. The best overall entry will best interpret both "Is Home where the Heart is?" and best articulate why the author of the entry should be awarded the 2009 World Nomads Travel Podcast Scholarship. The selection will be conducted at World Nomads Pty Limited of Level 5, 24 York St, Sydney, NSW 2000 from April 6th January 2008. The judges' decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into, including in the event of a dispute. Chance plays no part in determining the successful scholarship recipient. The successful applicant will receive the following;

* 1 x return economy airfare to Guatemala City from nearest major international airport organised by World Nomads
* 1 x 14 day GVI volunteer project near Antigua, Guatemala including volunteer work building a stove and assisting in the local schools, Spanish lessons, homestay accommodation, home-cooked meals, transfers and some activities . Check GVI's website for full details of trip: http://www.gvi.co.uk/projects/central-america/guatemala/volunteer-community-construction-project-guatemala/home
* 1 x Micro Tack II Professional 2-Channel Mobile Digital Recorder and accessories
* Travel Insurance
* Cost of any necessary vaccinations and visas

7. The scholarship recipient must produce / edit an audio documentary of 5 minutes in duration post the Guatemala assignment. This documentary must focus on a story resulting from the visit to Guatemala. The recipient must then submit this podcast to World Nomads no later than 2 months after returning from the trip. The scholarship recipient must also keep a daily travel diary and upload diary entries ( no less than 200 words per daily entry) to the World Nomads website, via an online travel journal, no later than 2 weeks after returning from the trip.

8. The Scholarship recipient will be notified by email and the recipient's name will be published on the World Nomads website within 14 days after selection.

9. If the Scholarship recipient is not immediately identifiable or contactable World Nomads will make reasonable efforts to identify and/or contact the Scholarship recipient. If the Scholarship recipient has not accepted the scholarship by 12 April 2009, the next best entry will be selected as scholarship recipient.

10. No responsibility is accepted for late, lost or misdirected mail or any errors or failures in internet or other communications. World Nomads reserves the right to cancel or modify the scholarship promotion if, in its sole discretion, the administration of the scholarship promotion is impaired for technical or other reasons beyond its reasonable control and, in such an event, may select the Scholarship recipient from all valid entries received prior to the impairment.

11. Scholarship prize consists of:

* 1 x return economy airfare to Guatemala City from nearest major international airport organised by World Nomads (approximate value $AUD3000)
* 1 x 14 day GVI volunteer project in Guatemala (approximate cost $AUD2000)
* 1 x Micro Tack II Professional 2-Channel Mobile Digital Recorder and accessories (approximate value $AUD750)

* Travel Insurance (approximate value $AUD300)
* Cost of any necessary vaccinations and visas (approximate value $AUD500)

Total prize value of scholarship is approximately AUD$6550

12. The value of the prize is accurate at the date of commencement of the scholarship promotion. World Nomads accepts no responsibility for any variation in the value of the prize after that date. The prize cannot be refunded, transferred, substituted or redeemed for cash. World Nomads reserves the right in its sole discretion to substitute the prize with cash or a prize of comparable value if the prize cannot be awarded as described for any reason.

13. The scholarship recipient will be responsible for all personal expenses and any other expenses, fees and costs connected with the prize that are not included in the prize description. The scholarship recipients are also responsible for all transportation to the point of departure, including accommodation costs prior to and following the travel dates in order to meet flight connections.

14. The scholarship recipient must hold valid passports. Entry visas will be organized prior to departure.

15. The scholarship recipient agrees that acceptance of the prize by the scholarship recipient is conditional upon compliance with all relevant laws, rules and regulations and upon the scholarship recipient releasing World Nomads, Global Vision International and Indie Podcast Channel and their affiliates, subsidiaries, directors, officers, employees and agents, from any and all liability, claims, demands and causes of action for any personal injury or other loss or damage (including but not limited to indirect or consequential loss) suffered in connection with the acceptance or use of the prize, except for any liability which cannot be excluded by law. World Nomads reserves the right to disqualify the scholarship recipient at its absolute discretion in the event of non-compliance or the failure to provide such releases.

16. As the author of your entry, you warrant that your entry is original and your own work. It will be a condition of entry that both scholarship applicants and the scholarship recipient will grant a non exclusive copyright license to World Nomads, Global Vision International and Indie Podcast Channel to reproduce the work for subsequent promotion of World Nomads Travel Scholarships.

You can view World Nomads' privacy policy at http://www.worldnomads.com/privacy.aspx.



Apologies to anyone who was trying to access the application form - our link was broken, but it is all fixed now.

  scholarships Jan 21, 2009 12:29 PM


I'm interested in World Nomads: Travel Scholarships
Travel. Experience. Contribute. and I will spread this information to who interested in for this news

  natter_woods Jan 21, 2009 8:59 PM


Thanks for the love!

  scholarships Jan 22, 2009 12:27 PM


I'm also interested on the schoolarship, so I will start the essay. So I can be a part of this great experience!

  Nina Rodriguez Jan 22, 2009 1:17 PM


Quick question: Does the podcast have to be audio, or can I make a video?

  Mary Jan 23, 2009 10:22 AM


Are there any age limits?

  li Jan 26, 2009 3:11 PM


I'd also like to know if it has to be an audio podcast, or whether video is acceptable too.

  Lucy Jan 27, 2009 12:15 AM


Thanks for the questions.

This particular scholarship is definately for audio podcast but we do run a video documentary scholarship which will be launched in a couple of months. So why not hegdge your bets - submit an audio for this scholarship and then a video for the next scholarship.

Also the only age limit is a minimum age of 18 as per the T&Cs .

  scholarships Jan 27, 2009 10:08 AM


I'd like to know specifically what you want us to tell you about the theme "Is home where the heart is?" I'm not very clear about the meaning of it. Thanks

  Paula Feb 6, 2009 6:44 AM


Hi Paula, we have deliberately chosen a theme that is open to interpretation, so there is no official definition of "Is home where the heart is?", whatever it means to you.

The judges have said this is what they will be looking for;

"It's up to you to convince our judging panel through your podcast documentary that you have the spirit of adventure and passion for travel journalism to be chosen for this scholarship. We will be looking for;

• originality
• clarity of ideas
• excellent presentation and interview skills(we strongly recommend you include an interview in in your doco.)
• ability to source and tell a compelling story."

  scholarships Feb 9, 2009 7:45 AM


Thanks for taking the time to explain this in a way thats so easy to understand.

  thaitourde Feb 16, 2009 3:10 PM


I've got a question. Can I use some non-podsafe music in decorating my demo documentary?

  Alexei Feb 22, 2009 4:10 AM


I've got a question. Can I use some non-podsafe music in decorating my demo documentary?

  Alexei Feb 22, 2009 4:12 AM


Hi World Nomads,

I'm excited about applying for this cholarship! On the question of music, is it acceptable to mix in small parts of any song, or must it be copyright-free?


  natalie-a Feb 22, 2009 2:31 PM



Thanks for your questions. I guess this will depend on where you plan to upload the podacst for our judges to listen to. Many host sites will have their own T&Cs about what is acceptable, so make sure you check this out first.

To avoid any potential problems, we recommend you use copyright free music.

  scholarships Feb 23, 2009 10:47 AM


Hi All,
Our friends at Indie Travel Podcast have just posted a great article on how to go about scripting and interviewing for a podcast.

It's got some great tips, I would recommend you all having a look;


  scholarships Feb 24, 2009 10:23 AM


Is the winner to this scholarship able to able for future scholarships, such as the documentary, or photography scholarships?

  Tiara Mar 13, 2009 2:11 AM


I just saw this today, I'm really exited about applying but I think I joined the race rather late. Plus I have exams the whole of next week. But I'm really enthusiastic about this so I'm going to give it an honest shot.

I just have one question, is nationality a criteria? I'm Indian & I live in Mumbai.

  Tracy deSouza Mar 19, 2009 2:16 AM


Hi all,

The idea behind the scholarship program is to give you a 'foot in the door' to your chosen industry. To make the program fair, if you have already been awarded a World Nomads Scholarship, and given the opportunity to make a head start, then you cannot apply for future opportunities.

It is a fairly competitive process, and all the programs offer brilliant opportunities, so my advice would be to apply for them all until you win one!

Nationality is no issue - this is a global program open to everyone.

Good luck!

Amanda Byrne
Global Programs Manager

  scholarships Mar 19, 2009 10:06 AM


this is fitsum solomon from Ethiopia,I apreciate you in your work in joinig us to education opportunities.
I want to take on line Examination on the above post position.
thank you!

  fitsum solomon Mar 21, 2009 3:19 AM


its my pleasure to join you!

  amir Mar 22, 2009 3:13 AM


m really excited and looking forward to win this scholarship.m really a vagabond n want to enjoy the beautiful world waiting for me.
but i realy want the elabarote meaning of the theme or topic.ill be highly thankful to u.


  neelofer mughees Mar 23, 2009 4:09 AM


what a great scholarship! good luck to all!

  jessiev Mar 31, 2009 1:21 PM


This is fantastic...too bad I just found it...maybe next year.

  Rebecca Apr 4, 2009 3:09 AM


Hi. Is Muimui the winner of the Podcast Scholarship 2009? Thank you

  Janina Apr 22, 2009 5:58 PM

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