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Turkey: Lunascpaes, Mountains and Turquoise Waters

My Scholarship entry - Turkey: Lunascapes, Mountains and Turquoise Waters

Turkey | Sunday, 16 November 2014 | flickr photos

I am inspired by unique landscapes, ancient cultures and travel.

Photography is a passion which is still in the process of unfurling for me, although I am artist and creative in every sense of the word. My main artistic practice over the past seven years has been sound-art and field recording. Using field recordings captured on my travels I re-imagine the sonic world and transform environments into immersive multi-channel sound installations. During my travels my passion for photography has expanded exponentially, as with field recording, photography allows me to document the world around me through artistic choices and perspectives. Immersing myself in a new environment, getting to know the landscape and the people who have inhabited that landscape for thousands of years inspires new perspectives, ideas and ways of looking at world. Capturing those perspectives, and interpreting the environment through artistic choices is an endless source of joy for me.

I believe I should be chosen as my energy and excitement for new adventures, travel, photography and learning new skills is endless. My ears are always open to those who can help me follow dreams and develop my passions.

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