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The three most polluted parts of the world

UNITED KINGDOM | Friday, 25 Jan 2019 | Views [76]

  Scientists now say that we have less than 12 years before the effects of climate change will be irreversible. There are a number of causes to greenhouse gas emissions including industry, car exhausts and meat production. However, one ... Read more >

Tags: environment, pollution

Three of the most polluted places on earth

UNITED KINGDOM | Thursday, 29 Nov 2018 | Views [49]

    As a society, we seem to be taking slightly more responsibility of the waste that we produce. Only a few hundred years ago, city streets were littered with waste and disease, showered by the latrines from the windows above.... Read more >

Tags: environment, pollution

The world’s cleanest and dirtiest oceans

BAHAMAS | Friday, 23 Feb 2018 | Views [191]

    Everyone loves the beach: that distinctive briny aroma, the lulling whisper of the waves, that sense of touching something vast and eternal. It’s heady and hard to resist. Perhaps the pull of the ocean has something ... Read more >

Tags: environment, oceans

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