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South Asia Adventure My backpacking Adventure with my best friend Kelsey and my sister Devon!!!! When us three get together it is a guaranteed good time!


Vietnam | Saturday, 4 June 2011 | 249 photos

We flew to Ho Chi Minh and visited the Cu Chi Tunnels, and the War museum... it was very depressing and sad but learning about the Viet Cong and all the tunnels they digged and lived in was super neat and we loved exploring them and walking through. Even though we sweated up a storm in those things haha it was super cool. They made the tunnels bigger so Americans and Europeans could fit in (because we eat McDicks and drink beer, ha their words). The amount of scooters/mopeds in Vietnam was unreal, would never even attempt to ride one there so don't worry mom! After Ho Chi Minh we went up to Nha Trang beach town and we loved it there! We met a good friend named Leah who we will party with at the full moon party June.16. Kels and I splurged a few times and had spa days :S (3 to be exact lol), it was well worth it!!!! That's how Kels and I backpack haha. Vietnams food was unreal, nothing beats it so far!!! I loved Vietnam!!!! I apologize for the repeats in photos, and for some being sideways or upside down, the computers here are not the greatest! Sorry!

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