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USA | Sunday, 6 Jul 2008 | Views [439]

Two days before I am going to fly back round to Chapel Hill, NC. I don't want to believe all of the things I have not done while I am here - We shall simply call it leaving something for next time. Which there must be at some point!  All of us here ... Read more >

Catch up...

USA | Tuesday, 1 Jul 2008 | Views [334]

So I believe tis about time for some sort of update - Sorry - internet has been quite sporadic and ill timed...  Since Troy I have travelled to an intense variety of places, Ephesus - lots of white columns and a pretty sweet coliseum - Hieropolis! Pamukkale.... Read more >


USA | Wednesday, 18 Jun 2008 | Views [390] | Comments [1]

Yesterday I climbed the walls of supposed TROY. Yes, you know, the one of infamy... It was pretty awesome, Turkey is so lovely about not worrying if people climb and touch its ruins... I like it - I don't know how good it is for the object ... Read more >

Obsessively photographing graffiti offers lead...

USA | Thursday, 12 Jun 2008 | Views [563] | Comments [1]

Dear all,   I wish I smelled of wood smoke instead of simply smoke. But this reek is definitively worth the experience of being in the bar when Turkey scored that second goal in the last minutes of the second half to bring ... Read more >

Wait, wait, wait, you're from North Carolina? and other misadventures...

USA | Thursday, 5 Jun 2008 | Views [326] | Comments [2]

Today I finally explored a bit around the street on which I live. I found a lovely antique book store to which I plan to return. I also discovered, in the Columbus sense of the word, a vintage store. I proceeded to thrift in Istanbul with all ... Read more >

Protest for Peace and a sugar box

USA | Monday, 2 Jun 2008 | Views [443]

A quick overview of the past few days for all ye that be interested - -Went to a Protest and took photographs which many of you will see shortly - (Police had enclosed the general protest area with fences, they checked people and bags upon entry) ... Read more >

On the strange appearance of my sister in Istanbul

USA | Friday, 30 May 2008 | Views [391] | Comments [1]

Today we woke up quite early to go to a University and meet the students there. It was a lovely boat and bus ride over. I enjoyed meeting the students, though the encounter was rather brief as I had to return to pick up my sister. Of course, as I was ... Read more >

On the dangers of smiling on Istanbul streets :-)

USA | Thursday, 29 May 2008 | Views [534] | Comments [1]

Today we visited an art museum where we saw some stunning calligraphy, sweet textiles and beautiful doors. We also had our first official Turkish lesson, which was fun, but I wish I knew more…After lessons I split off from everyone and went to the gardens.... Read more >

Just what happened.

USA | Wednesday, 28 May 2008 | Views [340]

Just a quick overview of the day- I got up late, we had class in the boys room. We watched a video on railroads and their affect on the Ottoman empire. We had some discussion afterwards, which for me only got really interesting when the conversation turned ... Read more >

Bir Afiyet Olsun?

USA | Tuesday, 27 May 2008 | Views [781] | Comments [3]

Yesterday I went on a night walk- down the Galata bridge to Yeni Jami, or Yeni mosque, one of my favorite places. I enjoyed being there- apparently it was the mosques birthday (?) I think, I don’t really read Turkish, or speak it. But there was a big ... Read more >

Flying machines?

USA | Tuesday, 27 May 2008 | Views [358] | Comments [2]

On Sunday we went to this red bull extravaganza (I had to wake up in the AM's for this the earlier AM's which as we all know was difficult) The event was hot and crowded and ridiculous, all in a lot of good fun and worth the trip- we watched those red ... Read more >

If you listen

USA | Tuesday, 27 May 2008 | Views [365] | Comments [1]

There are intermittent bellows of the (foghorns) on boats crossing the Bosporus that ring around the city, till they fade out to a buzz and die. On the terrace there is a constant squawking, hooting, toweee to gurgle hoo, to gurgle hoo, clatter clatter ... Read more >


USA | Saturday, 24 May 2008 | Views [384]

So to make a short post I thought I would pass on some of the things that we have heard from Turks, usually when they want us to stop in their stores and eat, or buy carpets, or tea... - I saw you on facebook last night! - Are you from paradise? -... Read more >

The day of 4 teas

USA | Friday, 23 May 2008 | Views [324]

This morning I had some tasty, but too small hot bread and cheese layered croissant-like object for breakfast. Cost me 1 lira, a dollar, and I was hungry. And he weighed the piece that he cut for me and then cut some off of it. I was not exactly ... Read more >

Scavenger hunt?

USA | Thursday, 22 May 2008 | Views [339]

We went scavenger hunting- walked around city for well, from 10:30 in the morning till 6:30 with a little break in between. Agh. So fun but the city can get a tad overwhelming! We took the ferry to Asia again and with all of our exertions, stopped for ... Read more >

Haggler's Paradise

USA | Wednesday, 21 May 2008 | Views [456]

Today the class met up around 1 on the terrace, I only woke up at 12:15… We went to ASIA on the ferry, which was awesome. I like boats, and I bought tea for half a lira on the ferry over – lovely really. We met, on the boat, a preacher, a Turk ... Read more >

Chucks and Burkas

USA | Tuesday, 20 May 2008 | Views [440]

There are a lot of converses here, which is something I enjoy seeing. Its an odd cultural thing, I wonder whether converses here have the same connotations as they do at home... I saw a young woman today in a black burka carrying a pair of black graffiti ... Read more >

God bless Kit Kats and Dolphins in the Bosporus

USA | Monday, 19 May 2008 | Views [481] | Comments [2]

So the flights were a tad long, I spent eight or nine hours in the Lovely Amsterdam airport. Though, I did spend a few of those hours passed out entwined in my luggage on benches. Those were good hours. But this time period allowed too much time for hunger, ... Read more >

Got to Pack

USA | Thursday, 15 May 2008 | Views [320] | Comments [1]

Hullo, It is 2:43 in the morning, technically a Thursday, and I am leaving on Friday(!!!!) There are many errands I look forward to running tomorrow... but only after biscuits. Mmmm yes, Biscuit Kitchen. So I am going to sleep now, I hope you are ... Read more >

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