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Travel Language Guides by WorldNomads.com Learn basic travel phrases in 25 different languages including Spanish, German, Dutch, French, Hindi, Mandarin, Swahili & Nepali

About language-guides

World Nomads present a series of podcast language guides. They are yours to download for free and contain all the essential phrases to keep you travelling safely.

We started with 10 guides in 2006 and had such a great response, we produced another 5 in 2007 and 5 more in 2008 - Nepali, Swedish, Greek, Dutch and German.

We are currently rolling out our language guides as iPhone applications, which are now available for on the Apple iTunes app store. (or you can search the iTunes store for WorldNomads.com)

Did you know that MSNBC have rated our language guide series the no #1 freebie language translation iPhone apps. See their review HERE

See all the World Nomads Language Guide iPhone applications on the iTunes store (Link goes to iTunes store - requires iTunes)

Feel free to leave us a comment or send an email with suggestions for the languages you'd like to learn.


If your global adventures could do with a few spicy phrases, be sure to subscribe to The World Nomads "Learn the Lingo" podcasts in iTunes: http://journals.worldnomads.com/language-guides/podcastrss.aspx

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World Nomads Language Guide Podcasts are free to download and may be used as free content on other websites so long as no part of the podcast is changed, altered or added to in any way. World Nomads Language Guide Podcasts may not be sold by any website or individual. © World Nomads Pty Ltd, 2006-2012.