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As we walk together

My Scholarship entry - As we walk together

Norway | Monday, 24 November 2014 | flickr photos


My name is Kristine Zipfel. I'm 20 years, born in Germany, lived there till I was four then moved with my mother to Norway.

As a kid I aspired to be like Tippi Degré and kept returning to her parent's book year after year.

Ever since returning from an exchange to New Zealand I've been dreaming of returning and studying there. I am happy to say that I have just finished my first year of a Bachelor of Design degree, majoring in Photography at Massey University, Wellington, New Zealand.

I hope in the years to come my photography, heart and head will continue to lead the way. Watching nature documentaries as I was growing up filled with me with awe, wonder and excitement for our planet and its inhabitants. I wish I can inspire people with my photography, in the same way these flickering shots of life inspired me to take the leaps I have so far taken.

I hope an empathic eye can capture and preserve the humanity and the stories that surface, in a manner which is justified to the original sources. I yearn for knowledge, and would be happy beyond measures to learn from a photographer who is doing what I have always dreamt of.

Thank you for your time.

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