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My Photo scholarship 2011 entry

Taiwan | Saturday, 24 September 2011 | 4 photos

I like travel photography because it makes me feel like I am exploring the most beautiful or tragic corners of the world even while my body stays within the perimeters of my living room couch. I LOVE travel photography because no matter where the pictures were taken, if you look past the foreign clothing and make-up and hair that people wear - if you look into their eyes - you can see the same humanity that exists in all of us. These images are a constant reminder that human beings may be scattered across the globe, but we are all connected by the same desire and search for love and belonging. We all want to have a purpose in life. For me, this need is fulfilled by photography.

My ultimate dream is to spend my life creating photographs that remind us of the human condition; I am hungry to learn more about how to make this dream a reality. The majority of free time I have from school and work is spent either experimenting with my own work or learning from others' samples. While all my classmates went to the beach for a long weekend, I dragged my best friend out to San Francisco to see a photography exhibit with me. When I see an image I always think, "Why do I like it? How did they do it? What would I do differently?" During the years I have spent practicing and studying photography, I can feel myself improving every few weeks. My heart literally quickens when I imagine what I can learn from this WorldNomads scholarship. If selected for this unbelievable opportunity, I would put all of myself into it. I would create the best, most honest work I possibly can.

Thank you for your consideration.

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