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My Photo scholarship 2011 entry

Germany | Tuesday, 8 November 2011 | 5 photos

I have never travelled this far! I have seen quite a few places on this planet but to shoot this series of pictures I had to go the farest I have ever been - I had to go to a place before time! Or was it a place in a time far away? Actually it was none of the above, it was in my home town. But it still felt as if I were right in the middle of a great and unbelievable adventure: the light, the noise, the dust, the ... dinosaurs?!

To me photography is the entrance ticket to a world of exploration, discovery and unveiling new perspectives. In my pictures I aim at taking the viewer along with me on my journeys and adventures and encourage them to reflect on what they get to see.

Ever since my first hitch-hiking trip to Ireland at the age of 16, I am constantly driven by adventure, wanderlust and the longing to comprehend our world as whole.
"So much of what you are is where you have been." is what I strongly believe in, as I can't think of a better education than getting to know foreign people and distant cultures. It was on an epic overland journey to Iran and Pakistan, when I realized that travelling is even more than that: It is a form of diplomacy and international understanding - maybe the purest form there is. Eventually it was the power of photography that helped me transport at least some of these cultures' undescribable beauty, hospitality and heartiness to my blog readers' homes and thus hopefully opened some eyes and helped to challenge the bad reputation these countries recieve in our daily media.

With my application to this scholarship I hope to come one step closer to my dream of becoming a travel photographer, or should I say a "visual diplomat"? I am eager to learn all it takes to learn and work hard to make this my profession.

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