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My Scholarship entry - Wilderness

From a young age I have loved cameras. It's an object that fascinated me but that I could never afford. I had to wait for my first few jobs at university to be able to buy my first good camera that I then carried around everywhere. I thought myself all I know for now, and it is far from being enough. I started like everyone using the 'P' mode and gradually up to manual mode. I have a fair understanding of technical terms but I always feel like I have reached a plateau, I am not learning more by myself. I have been looking into taking lessons but as I have the travel bug I never stayed in one place long enough to do so. I also think learning while doing is one of the best way to improve, especially for such creative topics. I've tried to keep a blog or even a diary of my travels but I realized I am not very good with words, I feel more confident with my camera than with a pen. I have put more effort into playing around with my photographs and keeping up with 'folder organisation'. I really want to have a project for when I get back home. I wanna frame some of them, have a theme or maybe not... I need some professional's opinion (I feel like my mum isn't objective enough about this).

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