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How to Prepare for a Year Abroad

UNITED STATES OUTLYING ISLANDS | Tuesday, 8 January 2019 | Views [67]

In life, there’s a decision that has to be made at every intersection. However, making these decisions isn’t always easy and sometimes requires you to trust your gut. If you’re one of the courageous people that have decided to leave your comfort zone and go abroad for some time, then you should be able to relate to this feeling! It can be daunting and scary to think about living in a new or unfamiliar environment. However, taking extra time out to plan and get things in order can make it easier to do. To help you prepare for a year abroad, here are a few suggestions to consider.

Put Your House in Order

One of the first things to tackle when preparing for a year abroad is your home. Seeing as you’re coming back at some point, you want to know that everything is intact while you’re away, ready for you to come home. So, what do you need to do?

  • Arrange Pet Care: If you have pets, you may be thinking about what you’re going to do with them while you travel. See if you can get a family member to look after them or see if there’s temporary boarding at the vet. Before traveling, you should also take them to the vet for a checkup to make sure they’re in good health, especially if you have a German Shepherd dog as they tend to be vulnerable to health challenges. Seeing as the German Shepherd life span is between 9-13 years, you want to look after them the best you can!

  • Sort Out Your Car: If you have a car, think about where you’re going to park it while you’re away. If you have a garage and you’re sure it will be secure, you could park it there. Alternatively, see if you can park your car at a loved ones and get them to warm it up twice a week or so.

  • Do a Spring Clean: Before leaving home, it’s advisable that you do a spring clean and get rid of any unwanted clutter. Compartmentalize your items into things that will be thrown away immediately, go to charity, or be fixed if they’re broken. When cleaning, you should especially pay attention to the kitchen and get rid of any perishables that could begin to mold and attract insects and rodents.

Deal with Personal Issues

Everyone has personal challenges they face which can be caused by external factors. How you deal with them, however, is what matters. Before leaving, try and resolve your issues in a practical way so that you can start your time abroad on a fresh slate. If you’re struggling with addiction especially, you should think about going to inpatient rehab to help with recovery. Other issues you may want to deal with are depression, anxiety, broken relationships and any legal problems you may have.

Learn More About Your Destination

Before preparing for a year abroad, learn more about the place you’ll be going to. For example, you will want to know about the cultural norms and local traditions, so you don’t feel too out of place. Also, check the kind of activities you can get up to and what social events there are. Attending events should make it easier to meet new people in the most natural way possible. Other things that you may want to know are where your nearest grocery store is, how to get around, and what leisurely activities are in your area.

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