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United States Outlying Islands

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How to See All the Beauty Of the World on a Budget

Friday, 18 Jan 2019 | Views [26] | Video

Traveling the world is a lofty dream, but thankfully with cheaper flights and more affordable accommodation, it can be done on even a modest budget – you just need to save up and pay for as much as you can in advance. Of course, knowing how much ... Read more >

How to Prepare for a Year Abroad

Tuesday, 8 Jan 2019 | Views [67] | Video

In life, there’s a decision that has to be made at every intersection. However, making these decisions isn’t always easy and sometimes requires you to trust your gut. If you’re one of the courageous people that have decided to leave ... Read more >

How to Enjoy the High Life When You Travel

Sunday, 9 Dec 2018 | Views [40] | Video

Travel is a luxury in and of itself, no matter how budget-friendly it has become in recent years. The fact is that traveling is still something that is unique to those who have the privilege of a disposable income, which is why those who can owe it to ... Read more >

Tags: travel life

Four Reasons for Digital Nomads to Study Online

Saturday, 24 Nov 2018 | Views [58] | Video

The ‘digital nomad’ lifestyle is becoming more and more popular thanks to the internet, which is making it easier than ever for people to work remotely, start their own businesses or become freelancers working for clients. When it’s ... Read more >

Tags: digital nomads

Designing Your Vacation Home

Saturday, 13 Oct 2018 | Views [105] | Video

  Buying a vacation home is an exciting experience, and it is an investment that will bring you much joy over the years – you might even use it to bring in an extra income when you aren’t enjoying the place yourself. Whatever your ... Read more >

Tags: vacation home

5 Unique Retirement Hobbies You Can Try

Thursday, 6 Sep 2018 | Views [106] | Video

Retirement doesn’t have to be scary or complicated. When you know the things that you want to do when you retire, planning for retirement gets a lot easier. As soon as you enter your retirement, you can also choose to try new things and explore ... Read more >

Tags: unique retirement hobbies

The Road Trip Survival Guide for Public Transport

Saturday, 25 Aug 2018 | Views [114] | Video

Not everyone can drive, and not everyone has the money to afford the petrol for a long trip either, which is where coaches, trains, and even planes come in handy. They aren’t, however, known for being the most comfortable experiences out there.... Read more >

Tags: public transport

Safety tips for driving across Europe

Wednesday, 22 Aug 2018 | Views [89] | Video

The vast majority of tips that are available for those planning a driving getaway in Europe are the same levels of advice that you’d find even when driving at home. The need to stay legal, the case for defensive driving, and the necessity of knowing ... Read more >

How to Establish the Perfect School Run

Friday, 17 Aug 2018 | Views [83] | Video

Moms have an awful lot to do in the first hour or two of a day, and so making that slice of the morning - from waking up to dropping the kids off at school - as efficient and well-organized as possible can save you a great deal of hassle over the years.... Read more >

Tags: establish school run, perfect school run, school run

Financial Tips for Aspiring Nomads

Tuesday, 14 Aug 2018 | Views [104] | Video

It’s the traveler’s dream to achieve a nomadic, globe-trotting lifestyle that’s supported by a solid and sustainable financial base. It might seem unattainable to those who see a clear separation between the leisurely pleasures of travel ... Read more >

Tags: aspiring nomads, financial tips



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