Watt(s)... where are you now?!

About seek-it-out_let-it-in

Caught the travel bug. Just like everyone else.

It started with New Zealand. After one rather hilarious panic attack on the plane.... before actually leaving Australia, that fear was channelled into excitment and has lead to me having a strong passion for cultural experience.

I've climbed the Great Wall in China, spent time living in an impoverished community in Sri Lanka, backpacked around Australia and camped in the desert with randoms I be-friended from The Netherlands, practised 'ma francais' in Paris then backpacked around Europe and fallen in love with the Alps in Swizterland and the sharp humour found in Germany.

And tomorrow, I'm going to Indonesia.

I'll be sure to fill you in on my experiences, the amazing people that I have encountered and the breath taking places I have seen.

To experience another culture is something everyone should do, and as I will reveal, something that can be done on a budget of around AU$50 a day. Flights, souvenirs, meals, drinks (very important for the uni student travellor!) and transit all included!

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