Europe June 2010 Western Europe short stay tour: Barcelona one week, then Paris, Rome, and Berlin in 5 days!

Modern day Berlin

USA | Tuesday, 22 Jun 2010 | Views [153]

Tues 22 June 2010 I´m now in the final stop on this European tour: Berlin! This city has a more modern day feel to it, and the people are really nice. One big difference is that I know someone here from a friend, so that has helped out tremendously.... Read more >

Paris and Rome, oh my!

USA | Monday, 21 Jun 2010 | Views [146]

Mon 21 June I was off the grid for these past two days because I had difficulty finding internet cafes. But I found a good one here in Rome, where I'm waiting for my bus ride to the Rome-Ciampano airport for my flight to Berlin. I think traveling ... Read more >

It's drizzling in Paris...

USA | Saturday, 19 Jun 2010 | Views [126]

Made it to Paris last night and stayed at a youth hostel for the first time. It wasn't too crowded like I was expecting. I met one person from New York; he was moving on to Denmark next. It's interesting meeting all these world travelers. I can't get ... Read more >

IPPW thoughts...

USA | Thursday, 17 Jun 2010 | Views [114]

This week has been focused on the reason why I´m in Europe in the first place--the International Planetary Probe Workshop. I chaired my session today, and it went well. Why is it that I always seem to be the youngest presenter/chair person at these things? ... Read more >

Barcelona Bus Tour

USA | Monday, 14 Jun 2010 | Views [129]

Sun 13 June 2010 Ok, so I went on this ¨bus turistic¨ tour of most of Barcelona. While I don´t remember all of the history given in the audio, I enjoyed it tremendously and thought it was worth the 22 euros. One thing is for sure: I will always remember ... Read more >

Barcelona city center

USA | Sunday, 13 Jun 2010 | Views [141]

Sun 23 June 2010 Made it this morning to the hotel where the probe workshop will be held. It is just a 10 minute subway ride to city center in Barcelona. I walked around in Plaça Catalunya a bit. For some reason (perhaps my lack of world travel gives ... Read more >

Photos: Europe pics 2010

SPAIN | Sunday, 13 Jun 2010 | Photo Gallery

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Barcelona...First Impressions

USA | Saturday, 12 Jun 2010 | Views [142]

Sat 12 June 2010 I made it to Barcelona safely, even though my flight was delayed by two hours in New York because of heavy air traffic. Ah, the Spanish accent! It´s interesting contrasting how the locals speak the language with how I speak it. I haven´t ... Read more >

So many different places...

USA | Wednesday, 26 May 2010 | Views [216] | Comments [1]

Just realized that I will be flying to so many different places: Western Europe 11-23 June, then hop on a plane back home to the US and fly one day later to Washington DC to stay for three days. Then, I get to go to Chicago for a week. Si todo sale ... Read more >

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