Trip: Moving to Beijing

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It's all about change

CHINA | Wednesday, 5 Nov 2008 | Views [293]

Nothing is for ever. I did think though that Beijing would be at least the next 2 years for me. It seems not as the winds of change and my very insistant bosses are now moving me to Shanghai. Be careful what you wish for is the most useful caution ... Read more >

In South Korea

SOUTH KOREA | Monday, 6 Oct 2008 | Views [269]

I will forever associate South Korea with the smell of fish. Cooked, raw, caramelised, rotten, in brine and in kimchi, in filthy and clean aquariums, in markets and in soups. And if I had to eat another seaweed I would turn into a fish myself. ... Read more >

The Paralympics

CHINA | Monday, 15 Sep 2008 | Views [241]

The Olympics are over and despite the hangover in the city the preparations are already on for the Paralympics. Niu Niu or whatever the little ox mascot is called is replacing the 5 "Fuwas" of the Olympics at breakneck speed, on the buildings ... Read more >

Company trip to Japan

JAPAN | Wednesday, 10 Sep 2008 | Views [296]

Unbelievable! It is customary in China at least in our industry, to go on a company trip abroad that does not involve any work whatsoever. To my delight, we all voted for Japan. A combined Osaka, Kyoto trip that, as these things do, ended up beeing timed ... Read more >

Qingdao by the Sea

CHINA | Tuesday, 2 Sep 2008 | Views [269]

The Chinese are amazing. Already right after the Olympics and even before the Paralympics the Qingdao Sailing venue has been transformed into an Olympic Exhibition Centre. Maximising the use out of everything. Smart. Effective. Qingdao is really like ... Read more >

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Athletics, the star of the Games

CHINA | Tuesday, 19 Aug 2008 | Views [369]

Saving the best for last, we are went into the Central Olympic Green on Sunday night. Finally the Bird's Nest and the Cube, up close and personal. The whole Green looks like a make-believe city. Like an architect's design come to life. Perfect! And facing ... Read more >

Beach Volley and the World Premiere of Marco Polo's imaginary journey

CHINA | Monday, 18 Aug 2008 | Views [335]

Saturday August 16th. Sunny at last! After a few days of rain and grey skies, the day is bright and shiny. A perfect day for the beach, or at least for beach volley. Beach volley is in Chaoyang Park, on the east side of the city. Since nothing is done ... Read more >

The Archery Fields

CHINA | Friday, 15 Aug 2008 | Views [285]

Yesterday was pouring down with rain. One of those weird days that prompted the comment that BOCOC had tampered with the weather to ensure that it would be nice on the 15th, the first day of Athletics in the Bird's Nest.  This morning's sunny sky would ... Read more >

The Beijing Olympics

CHINA | Monday, 11 Aug 2008 | Views [311]

Finally the Olympics have started. We are all cought up in the excitement of the city. Gone are the complaints about lengthy and laborious visa procedures, extra security checks and policemen at every corner. Foreign faces are again on the rise and bandanas, ... Read more >

Gallery: Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

CHINA | Friday, 8 Aug 2008 | Photo Gallery

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3 days in the name of solidarity

CHINA | Monday, 19 May 2008 | Views [296]

A billion people nation coming to a standstill to pay tribute to the 34,000 people that died in the Sichuan quake on May 12th 2008 is very powerful to experience. From our office, 3 metro stops away and in a straight line from Tian an Men square ... Read more >

Our home in Beijing

CHINA | Friday, 16 May 2008 | Views [273] | Comments [1]

We found it. Forget the lavish apartments, the fancy penthouse, the 160 square metre complex. Our residence is going to be a tiny little hutong. A traditional Chinese courtyard. Our neighbours are a lovely old temple, Tian An Men and ... Read more >